REI provides a variety of services including (but not limited to):

Testing of Construction Material
  • Sieve Analysis (TEX-110-E)
  • Atterberg Limit (TEX-104-E,105-E,TEX-10-E)
  • Percent Passing No. 200 Sieve (TEX-111-E)Moisture and Density Relationship (ASTM D 698) Standard Proctor Test
  • Moisture and Density Relationship (ASTM D 1557) Modified Proctor Test
  • Moisture Density Relationship (TEX-113-E,114-E)
  • Field Density Soils Using Nuclear Density Gauge
  • Aggregate Gradation Analyses (TEX-200-F)
  • Standard Test for Unit Wt. and Voids in Agg. C-29Siveing Machine
  • Specific Gravity of Aggregate
  • Concrete Cylinder Compression Test
  • Standard Practice for Sampling Freshly Mix Concrete C 172
  • Standard Test Method for Temperature of Concrete C 1064
  • Standard Test Method for Slump of Concrete C 143
  • Standard Test for Unit Weight Yield and Air, C 138
  • Standard Test for Air Content by Pressure Method C 231
  • Standard Practice for Making and Curing Concrete Specimens in Field C 31
  • Field Density Asphalt Using Nuclear Density Gauge
  • Monitor Asphalt Placement
  • Monitor Concrete Placement
  • Core Sample of Concrete and Asphalt
Construction Inspection Services
  • Inspection of all underground utilities, such as water.
  • Main, waste water, roads inspection.
  • Building base inspection, daily inspection report.Compression Machine2
  • ​Inspection of Re-Bar, and cables.
  • Piers inspection – Geo – piers inspection.
  • Measure post tension in cables, building foundation.


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