Regional Engineering Inc. Services

At Regional Engineering Inc., we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
We provide a variety of services including:
Testing of Soil and Base Material
  • Sieve Analysis (TEX-110-E)
  • Atterberg Limit (TEX-104-E,105-E,TEX-10-E) (see figure 4)
  • Percent Passing No. 200 Sieve (TEX-111-E)
  • Moisture and Density Relationship (ASTM D 698) Standard Proctor Test
  • Moisture and Density Relationship (ASTM D 1557) Modified Proctor Test
  • Moisture Density Relationship (TEX-113-E,114-E)
  • Field Density Soils Using Nuclear Density Gauge (see figure 1)
  • Aggregate Gradation Analyses (TEX-200-F)
  • Standard Test for Unit Wt. and Voids in Agg. C-29
  • Specific Gravity of Aggregate
  • Concrete Cylinder Compression Test (see figure 2)
  • Standard Practice for Sampling Freshly Mix Concrete C 172
  • Standard Test Method for Temperature of Concrete C 1064
  • Standard Test Method for Slump of Concrete C 143
  • Standard Test for Unit Weight Yield and Air, C 138
  • Standard Test for Air Content by Pressure Method C 231 (see figure 6)
  • Standard Practice for Making and Curing Concrete Specimens in Field C 31
  • Field Density Asphalt Using Nuclear Density Gauge
  • Monitor Asphalt Placement
  • Monitor Concrete Placement
  • Core Sample of Concrete and Asphalt (see figure 5)
Construction Inspection Services
  • Inspection of all underground utilities, such as water.
  • Main, waste water, roads inspection, re-bar inspection.
  • Building base inspection, daily inspection report.
  • As-builds, punch list items. Project completion.
  • ​Inspection of Re-Bar, and cables.
  • Piers inspection – Geo – piers inspection.
  • Measure post tension in cables, building foundation.